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best mobile app development company in Kanpur. Here comes Kanpur graphics with another exciting service, which is Mobile app creation and development for our budding clients. This mobile app creation and development service are of a wide range, offering services to clients for business as well as personal needs. Let’s dive into all your basic WH questions. And then, let’s work on creating and developing an app of your choice! best mobile app development company in kanpur.

What is Mobile app development and how does The Kanpur Graphics work?

Some businesses have both websites and a mobile app whereas some businesses will have a website or mobile app only. These websites and mobile apps act as a platform where diverse customers will meet with you and your business.

Kanpur graphics mobile app development

Mobile app development is at the peak of its demand. Multiple apps are being developed every day to make our lives easier and better. People like to consume everything through easy applications. We run multiple mobile applications at the same time due to their easy interfaces.
What is mobile app development?
Mobile app development is a process in which apps are developed to run on mobile devices. It requires creating software that can be installed on the device.

Kanpur Graphics helps you through the different cycles of mobile app development. From content to interfaces, at Kanpur graphics, we brainstorm ideas to develop the best apps according to your requirements. We are the best mobile app development company in the market.

Why choose Kanpur graphics?

  • UI/UX style and design (user interface / User Experience) is also an important aspect that ought to be put into software codes to attract the viewers. We are the best app development company to provide easy and simple layouts that grasp the viewer’s attention.
  • With so many apps developing at a time, it has become hard to develop apps that have optimal loading speed and protected design, at the same time. At Kanpur graphics, we take all your burdens away by making sure the app has top loading speed, gets optimised according to the mobile devices you want to include, and security tends to be significant in our app development process.
  • We bring to you the updates that are based on real-life objectives and introduce you to a new client base of your choice.
  • For organizations, the sole reason for developing an app is advertising the company’s name. At Kanpur graphics, we help you develop apps that advertise to a particular set of audiences and gain mass recognition.

List of mobile app services that we provide

Android app development

iOS app development

Cloud application development

UX/UI design and development

Security and compliance

API integration

Android app development

We develop web & mobile apps delivered across Android devices using android app development tools. Our full-stack android developers develop successful android apps with the help of the latest technology and provide you with the best in industry experience. Our full-stack Android developers use the Android SDK along with programming languages, such as Kotlin, Java, C, C + +, HTML, and CSS to develop optimal apps for all kinds of Android devices such as smartphones, tabs, wearable devices, and Android TVs. We strictly follow the guidelines by android to develop an app that appeals to a new customer base

iOS app development

Due to Apple’s strict data security standards, It requires different skills to develop an ideal iPhone application as we have already developed apps with a successful launch.
Our team of experts helps you design and develop apps that run smoothly on iOS.To develop iOS apps, you will require a Mac computer running the latest version of Xcode. Xcode is Apple’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for both Mac and iOS apps. Xcode is the graphical interface that is used to write iOS apps. Data entered in the iPhone application is very safe to use. We use the latest technology and features to make your app stand out from the junk.

Cloud app development

Cloud app development is a method through which cloud-based apps are constructed, which helps you in collaborating with people from all across the world. Apps built on the cloud are dependent on clouds to operate smoothly. Kanpur graphics will assist you through all the ups and downs of cloud app development to provide you with experience which is technology agnostic and the best in the industry.
We help you with your cloud application development project through the best DevOps practices in a secure and safe manner on time.


API integration

API Integration refers to this seamless connectivity that allows organizations to automate business processes, and enhance the sharing and embedding of data between various applications and systems. The best mobile app development company: Kanpur graphics have many options up their sleeves when it comes to creating and deciding how to integrate APIs.
With APIs platforms, organizations have the ability to integrate new technologies as they mature.


Yes, we build apps for both iOS and Android devices.

– It takes around ________ days to develop an app.

We will stay in contact throughout the development process, all of your requests and questions will be managed through our mail or you can call or WhatsApp.

Yes, you can make changes to the apps even after their launch.

We manage the backup through_________.