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Kanpur Graphics provides you with exceptional SEO services


Kanpur Graphics is not known for its innovative designing services alone but apart from that, we provide Top-notch SEO services for our clients. We are the Best SEO service provider in Kanpur. With SEO specialists having years of experience in this field we provide inevitable services to our clients. Your website can be of any kind. Ranging from eCommerce sites to an individuals portfolio our SEO services are applicable and optimized for any kind of website. Grab our handpicked team members!

Search Engine Optimization

In this digital world, most organizations have a website of their own and this website acts as a display or portfolio showing the quality, weightage, and reputation of the organisation. Along with a creative and innovative website SEO plays an important role for your organisation to rank in search engines. Your site credibility will increase depending on your website ranking in search engines. Users trust the ranking and they automatically click the websites that appear in their Top-search. Best SEO service provider in Kanpur

SEO is a must-have tool for companies and organizations to brand their product and their business. To rank as one and to get positioned decently in the search engine, it’s essential to get the best SEO services. To get traffic and to get more clicks for your website, SEO is the only way that helps you to play the ranking game.

Why hire SEO specialists?

An SEO specialist like The Kanpur Graphics has the updated resources, knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to draft out the best SEO content for your website.

SEO is quite tricky it has to be learned and understood daily research Practical experience is much needed, your comprehensive knowledge of how to deal with SEO is not enough.

Outsourcing SEO services is going to take off a technical yet tricky work from your hands, meanwhile allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your organization.

We provide top-notch SEO services along with website development and content writing, this way there won’t be much difference in your payments as it is an entire package.

High traffic is going to bring you a high return. Omitting SEO and searching for other options to bring in traffic is going to cost a fortune as the other options will direct you to expensive marketing techniques.

One more important factor, google, and similar search engines change their algorithms constantly. So, SEO is an ongoing service that has to be taken care of throughout the lifetime of the organisation. Without an expert, it’s going to be hectic for you to manage it all alone.

All SEO related services at Kanpur graphics

On-Page SEO service:

On-page SEO is one of the most common and highly demanded SEO services provided for our clients. For a website to appear in relevant as well as top search results certain elements in your website will be optimized. This is how On-Page SEO works. In this category, the following top-quality SEO services will be offered to our clients at The Highly efficient and competent Kanpur Graphics

SEO rich website content
We write SEO-friendly content that helps in search engine ranking. We focus on writing content that has relevant keywords. Our team will ensure that attractive content is also SEO-friendly and we believe that they are complementary to each other. Our content writers, as well as web developers, will see that the content is appealing and SEO-friendly.

Generating keyword rich URL for the website
We plan and generate a very unique and descriptive keyword enriched URL for users to connect with your website’s identity and concept. Your URL is pasted on your LinkedIn profile, other social media platforms, and many other places like where you have to show off your venture. We keep all these factors in mind while generating a descriptive yet search engine optimized URL, for people to get an outline of what your site is all about.

Writing apt title tags and headings that are descriptive and relevant
We support our clients with apt title tags and heading tags that are descriptive and relevant which is a vital factor considered by search engines while ranking. We write title tags in such a way that users are induced to click them. Heading tags also have their own weightage, it’s a very good place to insert efficient keywords.

Meta descriptions
Meta descriptions will give a brief note on what the website is about. These meta descriptions will have enriched keywords that help and supports search engine ranking. This brief note appears below the title in search results. So it’s a good chance of getting more clicks when appropriate descriptions are curated. Never mind! When The Kanpur Graphics is by your side!

We write unique and keyword friendly alt tags
Alt tags that describe the content in the images(if the website has images) letting users and search engines have a better understanding and paying way to relevancy.

Navigation pays way to user-friendliness
SEO is not about finding the right keywords, but we make sure that all the efforts put into it pave the way to good ranking and your site comes under top search results. For this ranking factors like the site, navigation has to be made simple and efficient for the user. When site navigation is user-friendly, users tend to visit all web pages on your website. If it’s not user-friendly users will not click on all the other pages of your website. This affects the ranking and at Kanpur graphics, we wouldn’t take a chance for your ranking to fall having navigation as a reason

All our services are complementary to each other. From designing to writing SEO-friendly content, these services are interrelated. Your website design should be appealing and must have aesthetics. If not, users are not going to look further into your website which will hurt your rankings a big time.

Off-Page SEO service:

Like On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO is vital for Google and other similar search engine rankings. Kanpur graphics will provide High-end Off-page SEO services that contribute to the factors outside the website and not within the website. To put it in a nutshell Off-Page SEO is more about creating backlinks which are your website links present in other websites. Our team will provide you with three kinds of backlink services

We play the trick to create natural links.
Natural links are created when other websites find your content and they link to it. For other pages to find your content SEO matters and ranking plays a vital role. This is where the trick lies. With all the On-page SEO services neatly done it’s pretty easy to get natural links.

Built links
We promote your content to someone else’s website and then they link your website to their sites. These kinds of built links have to be promoted to the right sites. You need not worry about this kind of promotion. We are a digital service provider with contacts, networks, and exposure. We undertake research and we make the right choice. Whatever is best for your website!

Created links
These kinds of links are created and placed on other pages like directories and press releases. We normally don’t encourage created links because search engines might consider it to be spammy. For our clients, we do not recommend it. But if our clients insist to provide this service we provide them.

Technical SEO:

Like other services, we at Kanpur graphics believe that High-quality technical SEO is an unavoidable service. We help your site rank better by giving you backend support for the website and by making technical optimizations. All the technical aspects of your website are optimised because search engines consider the efficiency of a website as a factor for ranking and indexing your website. Across the world over there are 3.5 billion smartphones users. This drastic transition of the digital world prompted google and other search engines to enhance their algorithm. This enhanced algorithm doesn’t just look for relevant keyword optimised content. But user experience is a vital factor for ranking. Your websites speed, effectiveness, user-friendliness is the most important factor that is considered while ranking your site. Let us explain the wide range of services that we provide when it comes to technical SEO.

We work on the nuances of technical SEO services

HTML tags and technicals
Ranging from title tags to meta description, we perform backend optimization, to hence efficiency for users and search engine bots.

Schema Markup and enriched search engine results
We add schema markup to your HTML coding used in the website. This way the coding allows the search engines to display your website content in the SERPs differently. This will also allow users to get hands, on the most relevant and rich results. Rich results in the sense very informative results.

Sitemaps and Crawl budget
While google crawlers crawl, index, and rank your site we make sure that the most important pages in your website are crawled, indexed, and ranked. Reducing crawl and indexing errors will bring in better results.

Page and user experience
As already said technical SEO is a service that concentrates and narrows down to a goal (i.e) User-friendly website experience. Page loading time speed and responsiveness will all impact the rankings

The wider range of services that The Kanpur Graphics will provide its clients

Technical SEO audit
A technical SEO audit is performed to scan and identity SEO errors and issues in the website. This technical audit will cover a wide range of factors contributing to ranking. These factors include device performance, link structure, site architecture, site speed, robots.txt, XML sitemap, indexation, and crawl errors. Using this audit report we come up with viable solutions to improve user experience and in turn increase search engine rankings.

Competitor analysis
At Kanpur graphics, our SEO team will make detailed research on the SEO strategies and rankings your competitors are holding on to. Your competitors SEO performance, back-end performance rankings, media presence is analysed as a whole. These results will favour our team to curate a better SEO strategy in your niche market.


Image optimization
Image with a large file size might slow down your website loading time, which does not contribute to user-friendly attributes. We as a team plan out the best file type for your images. We optimize the alt attributes, we make use of image sitemaps and we extend the image optimization plugins

Metadata analysis
To describe website content to search engines and users meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, robot, and alt tags are vital. As a part of technical SEO, we make sure metadata analysis is performed by our team, making sure all attributes contribute towards search engine ranking. Our SEO team will ensure that there are no errors even the minute once that might harm search engine rankings and top results.

Optimizing speed
If asked, how to contribute towards website user-friendliness, we would say providing efficiency is the only way and efficiency again points out another good attribute which is speed. So yeah, optimizing your website speed is another important service that will be undertaken by our team. Our technical specialists will operate to reduce any file size that seems big enough to slow down the site like CSS, HTML files, Javascript. Our experts will also optimize all your backend attributes like coding, browser caching, reducing redirects and will improve the server response time as well.


Structured data markup
For search engines like google to understand your page content and website data, in the technical way for the search engine to undertake the crawling process effectively structured data markup is done. We markup elements on your web page, highlight those elements, create HTML coding and add schema markup to your site page making it more understandable for a search engine. In this search engines present your data which has clarity and attractiveness.

Keyword research
Our SEO team will research your niche market, the target audience, and the competitors. We also analyse the current trend and consumer behaviour to come up with keywords that are typed by users in the search engine. Under this service, we aim to curate very rich search terms with high performance

Backlink analysis
Backlinks are viewed by search engines as a factor to assess the quality and authoritativeness of your site. Backlink analysis is done to find out spammy and unnatural links and sites which will lead to Google penalties. By analysing we can disavow those links which will retain your site reputation. We use these backlink analyses reports to know the social share magnitude of the incoming link pages

Penalty recovery
Google might impose penalties when there is an algorithm change or when the guidelines and marketing practices enforced by google were not followed properly. We help our clients recover from these penalties by analysing what went wrong. We resolve problems on original web pages and the site data that was crawled by google using google console.


Website migration
While migrating a website if done without SEO migration your organic traffic is going to drop. There is a lot to take into account while migrating a website from an SEO perspective. A strong migration process has to be undertaken if organic traffic shouldn’t fall. We provide SEO-friendly migration which includes mapping changed URLs, benchmarking performance, updating internal links, rejecting duplicate content, monitoring and controlling traffic and rankings, and managing the 404 pages

Local SEO:

For all “near me” searches and for all searches that have the name of cities, and other geographical location names Local SEO helps in ranking your website. Mostly if your business has a physical location we ensure to help you with Refined Local SEO.

Local SEO factors that are considered for ranking on Google and other search engines will look into local SEO factors which will pave way for site ranking.

Google My Business listing

Domain authority

Quality of local search citations

Name, address, and phone number of local business

Click-through rate


User experience

Review quality, velocity, and diversity

Link signals

What do Kanpur graphics offer you under local SEO?

  • Our team plans out SEO keyword targeting that include words that are relevant to geographical location
  • Utilizing Google My Business Optimization
  • Performing Local search citations
  • Controlling and managing Online reputation (especially monitoring local reputation)
  • SEO landing page optimization keeping in mind the locality
  • Google SEO content marketing targeting the business locality

Importance of local SEO

  • It builds online visibility especially for users in and around your locality
  • Reach prospects around you, mostly being your target clients
  • To gain footfalls and sale
  • Improve your brand reputation with a digital presence
  • To increase voice search SEO
  • Reduced advertising cost is a unique perspective but it’s very true
  • Users outreaching you are more of a potential client
  • More website traffic and that traffic is of targeted audience

Hire The Kanpur graphics, to get potential clients from your locality through our Local SEO service package. Let your business get its local reputation!


Why hire us?

SEO services are in high demand, any business that goes online needs SEO experts throughout the business’s lifetime. As the demand increases, there is N number of experts and SEO organisations available in the market to provide you with apt SEO services. A target-based approach is a unique service that Kanpur Graphics offers you! We at Kanpur graphics ensure that these SEO services are provided with utmost care and diligence, Apart from mere SEO services that any organisation can provide, We strive to stand out!

  • We create SEO-friendly content but we make sure the content looks appealing and attractive when read.
  • We believe that the site has to hold on to aesthetics, SEO-friendliness, user-friendliness.
  • Searching for competent bloggers and reaching out to blogs suggesting they link your content and we promote your content like our own‘
  • Apt technical support and aiming to speed up your site, an important factor for search engine ranking
  • 24 / 7 technical support for websites giving backend support
  • We analyse and understand who your target audience is.
  • We suggest and encourage your clients to review your website directly which increases credibility and ranking

We care about our credibility, and we make sure the kind of quality service we provide you will help us retain our reputation, decorum, credibility.



We make sure while offering SEO services we not only concentrate on SEO-friendly which will sometimes make the entire web content look shabby. We believe aesthetics, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly content is complementary to each other.

SEO plays in the most unexpected ways. Anyways from us, you can expect the results within six months.


At Kanpur graphics, all our services are not a one-time thing. Of course, we assist you throughout the lifetime but depending on the work payment might vary. We can sign a contract for one year, two years or more.


Ahrefs and Google search console are the primary tools we use, apart from this we have a team who have experience in using all kinds of SEO software. Depending on your website and your needs we switch between software.

We need good communication between you and our team members, that’s first and foremost. We need information like your target audience, industry, long-term and short-term goals, marketing strategies used in your organisation, and your taste and preferences as a whole.