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We, the best Catalogue Designer in Kanpur, creates Catalogue like no other. If you are interested in making catalogues for your business, then let’s have a conversation.

A perfect business catalogue conveys the right message. It engages with your clients like no other marketing tool around in a small budget. Our Creative Team has been assisting associations in developing their business. For any business to be fruitful there is a need for a catalogue. Catalogues are the smart way to approach and a simple medium to arrive at your clients. It isn’t sufficient to give data simply through text or picture. You need to make Catalogue Designer in Kanpur that data noticed with an imaginative and alluring plan.

From cosmetics to medicines, all your packaging is secure in the hands of Kanpur Graphics. We have an efficient team of artists, designers, data analysts, and researchers who work together to manifest the highest quality best designs. Our researchers and data analysts work to understand the psychology of potential customers and make the designs that attract them the most. Hence all our works are scientifically proven to fascinate the human brain and create a sudden instinct in potential clients to buy the product as soon as they see it. With Kanpur Graphics, every design is a masterpiece.

Agriculture Catalogue: Make cultivation look easy

India is among the top three global producers of many crops. India’s economy is mostly based on agriculture and farming. Here in Kanpur Graphics, we provide you to make your agricultural brand look good. Our services include different types of agricultural catalogue design templates. Catalogue Designer in Kanpur.

Ayurveda: Science of life

The motto of Ayurveda is: “SWASTHASYA SYASTHYA RAKSHANAM, AATURASHCHA VIKAR PRASCHANAM” _ which means, “Preservation to the health of a healthy person and treating ailments with breaking causative factors of pathogens.”
Make your Ayurvedic products look good with Kanpur Graphics! We offer a variety of ranges for Ayurvedic catalogues. Have a look at our attractive ayurvedic design templates. 

Life is full of "Beauty"

It says, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” We make it easy for you to design your beautiful beauty catalogues, here in Kanpur Graphics. Choose from our gorgeous beauty catalogues design and make your beauty products attractive!

Medical Catalogues

Whether you’re a small clinic or a big medical institute, you always want templates that fit your needs! Kanpur Graphics gives you various ranges of medical catalogues designs that can fulfil your needs. Best Catalogue Designer in Kanpur.

Real estate catalogues

“Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy.” -Marshall Field. In today’s world, investing money in real estate is safest. To grow your real estate business, whether it’s small or big, you need to impress your buyers and sellers. For that, we want you to have a look at our printable real estate brochure templates. With these amazing ranges of Kanpur Graphics’ real estate catalogue designs, you can now impress your clients so easily.

Education: Our passport to the future

Albert Einstein once said,” Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”
Want to look at our various ranges of education catalogues? We’re sure that you’ll love all our designs! We supply every type of learning resource and best quality designed catalogues according to your needs

Specialities of our Catalogues

We provide you with the best catalogue designs which are searchable within all relevant fields of study.

Our catalogues are made by professional guidance (technical and theoretical skills).

Through our advanced designed catalogues, you can now prioritise your work and resources.

We always prioritize our customer’s needs. Our unique and creative catalogue designs will help you out.

 ​We offer high-quality posters, templates, app icons and various ranges of designed catalogues.

Now, what are you still waiting for!? With Kanpur Graphics make your catalogues appealing! Enrich your brand with the best graphic designer in Kanpur, Kanpur Graphics’ eye-catching designed catalogues!


We usually start planning with a realistic ongoing schedule for completion, highlighting key delivery milestones.

Kanpur Graphics has the best graphic design team in kanpur and we use the most advanced software available. We provide the best Catalogue designs and you can be assured of it.

We would need your cooperation, review, and response first then the logo, and basic information like address, contacts, etc., along with the required information you want in the catalogue.

Yes, we do work on old catalogue design to give a new contemporary and suitable look with new information. As we provide the best Catalogue designing services in kanpur, we can also craft the old logo and any other designs.

Usually to make a whole catalogue (of 32-64 pages) takes 4 weeks. But it can be quicker if we receive regular reviews and feedback.