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Email Newsletter Designer in Kanpur

Email Newsletter Designer in Kanpur. Email newsletters are a type of email that informs your audience of updates about your product or company. e-mail marketing in kanpur.

Our agency will make sure to keep your newsletter eye-catching and informative. We ensure that our designers maintain the updates and promote your new products according to your website. e-mail Marketing services in kanpur.

Kanpur Graphics will take your organization to the next level with our abilities perfectly matching our motto, “we create growth”. Email Newsletter Designer in Kanpur.


Email newsletters are much more effective marketing methods than others. It has been proven that email newsletters have gotten new customers which is 40 times higher than social media sites like Facebook, Twitter.

Yes, a client must have an outline of the content that has to be used to prepare the design. A client can bring his content or we can assist in content requirements, which is a separate service we offer.

We cannot recommend anything in particular. We would say that both are equally important. The nature of your business matters the most before deciding on what kind of marketing method you want to opt for. We can also guide you on what kind of promotions suit your business.