Static Website

Upgrade your business with our well-designed static website!

Static website designer in Kanpur

Static website designer in Kanpur. A web page that will be displayed in a browser with fixed content, coded in HTML and CSS. It doesn’t change in regards to user actions. It will be shown in simple text editors that will make your web page appear well organized and professional.

If you aim to build a systematic yet creative website with good load times then you are at the right place! Go for the static website and your requirement is met.

Being an experienced graphic designer, Kanpur Graphics will offer you a wide range of static website designs and web development services at reasonable prices. Static website designer in Kanpur.

Key Benefits

Requires less maintenance, as the contents are fixed and are not required to be changed for a certain period.

Faster web page loading speed, because it doesn’t have to contact the back-end systems every time the page loads.

Affordable, as the pages are not interconnected to a database to create content and render the view, they can be less costly to build.


Web designing in kanpur. Depending upon the package you choose, you will be getting these services. static website designing agency in Kanpur. best web development in Kanpur.

best web development in Kanpur. Yes, if there are no major regular updates, a static website is the best for your organization as it will not spoil your website look. static website designing in kanpur. Web designing in kanpur.

best web designing in Kanpur. Yes, our professional team of experts provide you with a customizable website if you need one. But you would have to take our help if you want to customize it at a later stage so that the look of the website is maintained. static website development in kanpur.